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The Last Original Idea actually is an original idea - highly unusual in a world where "recycle" is the order of the day. It takes a light hearted look at the state of Internet marketing today and traces back each of the elements to its historical roots, clearly demonstrating that companies who understood the mistakes of the past were able to be profitable in the present. Others are a mere memory, lost in cyber-space.

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Cynics View to Internet Marketing

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Gillian Muessig - President & Co-founder
"Alan K'necht has written a solid, in-depth history of the Internet and the new marketing tools it brought to the marketplace. An easy read, filled with carefully researched facts, it's a fun romp through time in Cyberspace, topped with clarity about how to proceed as an Internet marketer. Thoroughly enjoyable."
Jim Sterne - Founder of
the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and the Web Analytics Association
"Wisdom is about context. The Last Original Idea is a chronicle of communication and commerce as seen through the lens of the Internet. It is a must-have reference book for marketing people - if only to get a handle on all of those allusions you've heard, but can't quite place. This book puts the whole Internet phenomenon into perspective, takes the Gee-Whiz right out of it and leaves you with a view point tempered by time and seasoned with history. Just the thing for those who are rightfully fearful of repeating history."
Michael Martin
"Great historical context and fun stories to the evolution of Online Marketing"
Warren Whitlock
"The Last Original Idea is a romp through the history of the Internet by two people who know it well. Reading it bring fresh insight to trends that made this modern marvel and reminds us that the more things change, the more they remain the same"
Rob Snell
"Thanks for including us in your KILLER BOOK! Great read"
Willem Knibbe - Sr. Acquisitions Editor
Sybex, an Imprint of Wiley Publishing, Inc.
"An interesting and entertaining read"
David Fugate
LaunchBooks Literary Agency
"It has a fun tone and there’s a lot of interesting information in there"
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The Last Original Idea is the brain child of Alan K'necht who co-wrote it with Geri Rockstein. So after years of ideas floating through his head, K'necht with the help of Rockstein put his ideas to paper. The end product is this entertaining book.

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In the beginning... According to the Bible, Adam was God’s greatest creation and last original idea. Eve was merely a variation of the theme,...

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Chapter 3:
Web and Banner Advertising

Will Rogers eloquently stated, "Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need." The purpose of advertising remains constant regardless of the medium or the point in time.

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